Sandpoint osprey mom feeding her chicks

Our osprey couple have a pair of chicks now hatched out and thriving. Nestwatcher Robin Werner writes:

Busy times on the nest now that two of the eggs have hatched. Sandpoint osprey chicks waiting for dinnerOn June 6 nest watchers were treated to not only one hatch but TWO hatches, that came just four hours apart. The first chick, named Sagle, hatched at 10:43 a.m. and the second chick, named Dover, hatched at 2:42 p.m. The third egg is not viable but has remained in the nest for now.

Both Sagle and Dover – named after those two communities adjacent to Sandpoint – are thriving and are currently in the “dino” stage, with a much darker look than the soft, gray, fluff, they started with. They are waddling around and beginning to show some personality. You’ll want to watch everyday as the chicks quickly grow and change.