With the web cam down all spring for the renovation work under way at Memorial Field, osprey fans could only wonder what might be hatching up in that new nest on the lakeshore. Today we got power to the pole and fired up the web cam for the first time, and got the answer: Two chicks!

The osprey arrived on schedule in April and promptly set about building a nest at their new home … but with field construction in progress the underground conduit and new power and Internet cables were only installed today. Today a crew from Ron’s Electric pulled the new fiber cable to the pole, and Kerry Berg of Video Security Technology booted up the web cam to provide the first view in the nest.

Our quick peek into the nest showed two good-looking chicks, and we caught a bit of feeding. Restoration of the Internet remains to finish early next week … at which time the real-time streaming video from the osprey cam will again be available. Here’s wishing a good season to Memorial Field’s resident osprey pair. And check back to this page early next week to see the live osprey action.

For a few more photos of today’s work, click to the Sandpoint Online Facebook post.