Sandpoint osprey pair Sandy and PeteWith our osprey pair, Pete and Sandy,  diligently incubating their eggs the past month, the first chick could hatch anytime this upcoming week. Here is a report from our Nestwatcher Robin Werner:

Osprey eggs in Sandpoint nestOur osprey couple have built a beautiful nest and now have three eggs. The eggs were laid exactly the same dates as last season: April 28, May 1 and May 4. If they stick with the same schedule as last year for hatching we could see our first hatch on June 6.

Keep your eyes peeled and look for any chance to view the eggs. A pip, or small hole, made by the chick’s egg tooth, (which is a small, white, hard point on the chick’s beak), will sometimes be visible and is the first sign that a chick is making its way into the world. The infrared on the cam provides a great contrast at night of black and white. If Sandy shows the eggs you can often see the black hole or cracks and know to keep watching! It won’t be too much longer and our wonderful osprey couple will be very busy, if all goes well, tending to 3 hungry chicks!