For followers of the ospreys at Memorial Field, this is a report on a big change under way with the nesting platform at the field.

The web cam here was placed on a nesting platform when a new light array was erected in Autumn 2011. This year, however, the city is doing a major reconstruction of Memorial Field that includes redesigning the baseball playing fields, installing artificial turf, and moving the pole on which the osprey’s nesting platform is located.

City crews are installing a new 90-foot pole, donated by Avista Utilities, in a location about 300 feet east of the current light pole and right on the lake shore. As part of the project the city will dig in a new conduit for the power and Internet cabling to the new pole and place the web cam back up at the platform. The project will provide an opportunity to do some improvements to how the camera is configured and to fix past issues with sound and intermittent outages.

The work to erect the new pole and nest platform will take place in early to mid March, to be concluded before the osprey return from their southern migration. The Memorial Field ospreys consistently arrive in the first week of April each spring. If all goes well the cam will be back online for their arrival; if trenching in the new conduit takes a bit longer, we’ll be able to finish connecting up the camera from the ground without disturbing the new nest platform.

Kudos to city officials for taking all this extra effort for the osprey nest and the web cam.

Ospreys have a high fidelity to their nesting location, and return to the same nest year after year. With this move there is no guarantee they’ll use the nesting platform in its new location.

But we’ll do our best to make a very inviting home for the ospreys to return to – and we will keep our fingers crossed, that the osprey get back safely from their long migration and take back up in the new location. Stay tuned!