It’s been an eye-opening season! (Screen capture by Cindi Collins Johnson)

With the season almost done for our ospreys before they migrate south, here’s a recap by our Nestwatcher Robin Werner:

The 2019 season has gone by so quickly and for us nest watchers it feels like an ending. For Pete and Sandy’s offspring it is a beginning…

Dover, the youngest of the two osprey chicks took her first flight on July 31 at 55 days old and Sagle, not to be outdone, fledged the following day, August 1 at 56 days old. Now both chicks are flying and gone from the nest more and more, but still visit it often. One was spotted attempting to fish! You can find them in the nest together, but they no longer sleep in the nest overnight.

There have been other ospreys flying around, and both Dover and Sagle fiercely protect their nest, together, from intruders. Each day brings them closer to beginning their new lives away from their parents and becoming independent adults.

We should still be able to enjoy them for another week or so until they decide to start their migration at any day now, or in early September. (Screen captures by Robin Werner)