After an eventful – and fruitful – nesting season, the young chicks have taken flight. To celebrate, here is the nest report from Robin Werner, our lead Sandpoint Online Nestwatcher:

Chicks share nest time.

The osprey chicks at Memorial Field are winging it and can now be called Fledglings! The first chick to take flight came as some surprise as it was the youngest of the three, 57-day-old Koi, who took flight on August 5 followed two days later by the oldest chick, at 62 days old, Kamloops, on August 7. Nest watchers waited and wondered for five more days when the middle chick, 66-day-old, Kokanee, finally took flight on August 12!

Up to now, the average age for fledging at this nest has been 56 days. That now has changed! If you look at the cam and see an empty nest, don’t despair, the fledglings are flying about, perching in new areas and are probably becoming interested in how to get their own tasty fish from Lake Pend Oreille.

Koko arrives!

You will see them fly into the nest from time to time, begging for food from parents Pete and Sandy, or sleeping there at night until they migrate. That will most likely be sometime the first or second week in September.

Pete or Sandy could leave sooner than that so you’ll want to enjoy every opportunity you can to see them at the nest before they head out!

With the chicks fledged, this is a common sight now at the nest. But watchers will see them visit, and the parents will also still be feeding the young ones as they learn to fly.