Sandpoint ospreys 'Pete and Sandy'

Osprey pair, Pete and Sandy.

After a malfunction necessitated replacement of the camera April 19 – see post just below – osprey fans tuned in to see housekeeping well under way with the resident pair, who were first observed at the nest on April 11. Here’s a tongue-in-cheek report from Robin Werner, our lead Sandpoint Online Nestwatcher:

Ospreys at Sandpoint nest cam

Enjoying a ‘breakfish’

Our resident adult ospreys, Pete and Sandy, have both returned for another exciting season of, “Days of Our ‘spreys!” The following episodes will continue to air daily: “DIY Nest Building,” “How to Goose a Goose 101,” “Getting to Know You Again (after vacationing separately),” “Fish Again? YES PLEASE!” and “Come Relax With Me While It’s Quiet.”

And stay tuned for three new episodes of, “Just Laid an Egg,” which is anticipated to air any day now.

Hope you enjoy the show! They’ll be here all summer!