Success up high! After a malfunction knocked out our nest cam the past several months – and then rains rendered the field too soft for the big ladder truck – today a small but intrepid crew was able to get up and replace the camera. Kerry Berg of Video Security Technology donated his hands-on expertise to replace the camera.

“Best part for me was enjoying the bird’s eye view of the osprey flying in close around us while we worked on the camera,” Kerry said afterwards. “Both birds kept a close watch on us and returned shortly after we completed all.”

Here is a huge THANKS to Kerry for the camera install and the overall masterminding required to make it work. And big thanks to many others, as well: It wouldn’t be possible to even get up to the nest without Dennis McIntire and the tall ladder truck of Bestway Tree Service. Northland Communications and Bala Bishop ensure that the camera has its current excellent high-bandwidth Internet connection. The project also wouldn’t be possible without the partnership of the City of Sandpoint‘s Kim Woodruff, Austin Hull and others in the Parks and Recreation Department. And for her oversight to ensure the ospreys’ health and safety, a big shout out to raptor biologist Janie Veltkamp, director of Birds of Prey Northwest.

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Thanks again to all. The new camera is getting great bandwidth and the picture and sound are better than ever.

No tax money is used for the equipment or operations of the cam. Want to help keep the cam going? Click to contribute.

Who knows, maybe this our eighth season with the cam will be the best ever! But knock on wood … as watchers of the nest well know, Mother Nature gets the last word. What we can do is observe this amazing natural spectacle, and cheer on our osprey pair in their season ahead.